On the part where Marshall says "shut up" he should really after he says that he could be like "I know your secret Skye you got a crush on chase" then everyone go beserk. From Marshall. the most. (Marshall Version), https://paw-patrol-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Love_Triangle_:1_Chase,Skye,Marshall?oldid=446786. Chase asked himself as Marshall stormed off. Marshall! Coco helps Skye hang the banner for Paddy and Cherry, even though she drops it on them. Mr.Porter asked. "Thanks!" She's also the pup who says, "Oh, Marshall." Chase marched into the Florists with a new kind of confidence. They both blurted out. Thanks. His main color is yellow. The nice lady told him. In \"Pups Save a Toof\", he reveals that he has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. Yeah. Marshall looked up at Chase and noticed something he hadn't before. He is also the co-founder of The PAW Patrol with Chase. Marshall X Skye is a romantic ship between Marshall and Skye. https://fanon.fandom.com/wiki/PAW_Patrol:_Everest_Moves_Away Skye gasped. As he passed Chase he gave him a look that seemed to say: beat this. 15. Show me. ... Chase:Ok. PAW Patrol: Skye's Crush Fanfiction. As Chase walked in to Mr.Porters he was pleased to see that Marshall was not here yet. Reply. I have a crush on...Skye. Marshall had purchased the BIGGEST bunch of pink carnations he had ever seen. He wanted to hear Chase ask with panic where he was even though he was right there with him. "You have a crush on Skye?" Rocky added. Came Chase's reply. Chase X Skye is a romance themed ship between Chase and Skye. And while most fans don't see these two as lovers, there are some that find them as being like brother & sister to each other. Who will she choose? Also, Ryder, Chase, and Skye have been sent … It should be plenty for anything, run it through the PA if needed, and the FX loop makes it as “pro” as I … Chase thought. "Yeah Skye it's me. "That's easy. I have to apologize!" "Yeah, we thought you were a ghost!" She replied. "Chase! I mostly noticed it from the show with Chase and Skye. Tell us "why you have a crush on her" Refresh this page to see the "Crushers" increase after you "Like" or vote. MarshallhasacrushonSkyeqndisgoingtoaskheronadateandIwannaaskherandIdontknowwhattodo!" 1 like. How will this work out for the four pup`s? "Alright you say it and I'll say it at the same time." Chase has a crush on Skye. Skye was so  sweet and kind and quiet while Marshall was so well not. The German Shepherd pup asked. The price is free since the Paw Patrol is always helping Adventure Bay." The cheery man said. 14. In the playground Skye and Marshall are playing tag while Chase watches them but he had his eyes on Skye Skye:You're it Marshall! Reading the note Skye was wondering who it could be ' Maybe it's Rocky or Zuma or even Chhaaassse.' Other Names When she arrived in her pup house Skye found a note, upon closer examination she saw it was...... A LOVE POEM. Some say it's seriously no where near as good as Chase X Skye or Marshall X Everest. Reply. Love Square A Chase,Skye,Marshall,& Everest. Does Skye have to log her flight plans with the FAA? Reply. Skye said shyly rubbing her paws together. Skye exclaimed tackling Chase to the ground and kissing him right on the mouth. Does Adventure Bay have an actual fire department and police department or are they totally reliant on Marshall and Chase to handle these duties? "Why yes we doooo-" He said stretching to see who it was, "Marshall!". "Yeah. It was Saturday the day it stopped raining. Marshall looked at the pups with his ears down. "I'm sorry pups. Marshall and Rocky: (yell) CHASE LIKES SKYE, CHASE LIKES SKYE, CHASE LIKES SKYE, CHASE LI-Narrator: Chase covers Rocky and Marshall's mouths. I always pictured either Chase or Marshall having a crush on Skye. Chase sighed as he walked into the Lookout. Was up?" Good stuff, right now I have a Marshall MG30CFX with the accompanying pedal. Rubble is an English Bulldog pup and the construction pup of the PAW Patrol. But now the real question is what does Skye think about him? Digital-Heartbeat May 24, 2014. Skarshall / Skyeshall / Markye Chase 2.Marshall 3.Rubble 4.Skye 5.Zuma 6.Roc ky 7.Everest 8.Tracker Arrrrby never joined the team In season 6 Tuck and Ella joinded bring the number up to 10 He saved her and Everest smiled at him. Skye said seriously, sadly watching Marshall face become crestfallen. His truck looks like a bulldozer, modified with drills and other construction tools. Amber Marshall is straight. "Oh my gosh! Pencil-Mural Feb 20, 2017. Marshall and Zuma have figured that out. Chase:Dont get any ideas Jackie! Paw Patrol Skye is Pregnant, Needs a Doctor and Has Lots of Puppies | Fizzy Toy Show\r\rSkye isnt feeling well.she is pregnant! "Now were was I?" Skye is very lovable and emotional Shown in pups save the bunnies. iLovePvP Feb 4, 2017. i KNEW T MARSHALL AS A CRUSH. Skye said shyly rubbing her paws together. He said stuffing the presents into her arms. Pupswoof117 Feb 17, 2015. same here. So the two like each other and each of them don't know it yet. This is the second most popular romantic pairing of Marshall after Everest. Skye is the only female member of the PAW Patrol, her main coloris pink. Marshall!" "Thanks Tundra!" "Oh no." Chase squirmed, he had hoped to tell his best friend about something personal. And the oldest pup. When both Chase and Marshall confess about having a crush on Skye,they go to extremes to get her to get her to choose them to be her boyfriend. The fire pup said angrily. "Thanks Marshall, I am inpressed!" He had just had his heart broken by the pup he thought he loved. The Dalmatian replied. "What would you like Chase?" PAW Patrol: The Movie (2020 Director's Cut), Together through any weather: TundraxRocky pups, Power Rangers Patrol Super Knights Bonus Episode 17, Taylah bullies Marshall: The confession about what happens, Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess (Part 1), PAW Patrol: The Video Game (information page), Marshall and Chase-For the First Time in Forever, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Skye yelled running towards the lookout. Digital-Heartbeat May 22, 2014. Skye asked where he was, played around with him, and told him how to get down into the elevator. I said no after he asked me out! should skye marry chase or marshall that is the qeustion here is a pole to help you decide which pup she should pick chose your pup for skye marshall yes chase no marshall skye rocky rubble rubble rocky zuma chase Do you think you can do a uh...... special request?" She thought with a giggle at the last name. I guess I got my name from the fact I LOVE flying and I can do some pretty high flips! "Ummmmm........ Marshall this is sweet and all but I'm just not into you like that." Chase just nodded. They belong to their respective owners. And that there is what hurt Marshall. 'Where's Skye? Their merged names are Skarshall, Skyeshall and Markye. PAW Patrol Catch Halloween Episodes All Week Brand NEW Episode Coming Oct 8th! Also have a crush 12 we got first. Marshall and Skye Narrator: Chase blushes harder. When he met her gaze she looked away blushing. " "Marshall!" Jackie:Ah! Chase began to whimper. Skye walked into the lookout  and to her surprise she saw Marshall stuffed into a tux with a giant bunch of carnations and a huge heart shaped pup treat. "Would a love poem work?" In that note Chase decided to get Skye her favorite flowers: Roses. If you have been reading, the last couple of chapters, Marshall and Zuma found out that Chase likes Skye. "Wait your going to ask her out ?!" During an Ultimate Rescue mission led by their Dalmatian friend and co-leader, Marshall, the mission goes into chaos when an explosion occurs while finding a lost puppy in a warehouse with him inside. They can be seen standing next to each other more often. Skye smiled it was her favorite. "Great! The Police Pup than paused to catch his breath. Characters Can Chase gain the courage to tell her how she feels while going on a mission with her? "Your the  prettiest  pup I've ever laid eyes on and I think we're meant for each other." "I'll have five Roses two white, two red and one in the middle pink." Ryder, Megan, Skye, Zuma, Chase, and Rocky were going to see a movie at Megan's school. Reply. Scroll down and check out her slim body, short and/or medium blonde hairstyles & haircuts. YOU ARE READING. It is, right now, the most popular ship in PAW Patrol. "There's something I need to to tell you!" Marshall X Skye "Of course we can!" "Hey Marshall. "What kind of special?" H… Only thing i didnt like was the reverb! Skye is probably one of the three or four pups that giggle at Marshall most often, not in a rude way, but in a kind one. "One more thing..." Chase said leaning over to tell Mr.Porter his final request. Skye wandered up the seaside cliff where she had been told to meet her admirer. He asked worryingly. Chase!" However Chase remembered that Tundra had said flowers, treats and a nice dinner. "Do you do GIANT steak flavored heart's?" "Skye you are beautiful, sweet, kind, and so much more the moment I saw you I knew that you were the one, that there would be no other one so now I ask you .......................... will you be my girlfriend?" Chase commented. Chase barked giving her a friendly hug. Marshall:I'm gonna catch you! Later in the episode, when Skye heard Marshall's firetruck siren, she found the truck and she recognized sid and arrby but didn't know who was driving Marshall's firetruck and she said a crab was driving his truck. Skye is a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix), who is the only female member of the PAW Patrol. At the top a single pup stood holding a bouquet of five roses. The pairing has received a mixed reception from fans. Marshall has spotted white fur covering his body and bright blue eyes. Aug 30, 2018 - Skye is a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix), who is the only female member of the PAW Patrol. Skye asked in concerned. He asked. He also wears a red pup-pack, which features a water cannon (acting a fire hose). "Ohhhhhhhh lady special." 16. Chase: Actually, its just Chase. Chase asked quietly. Rosie the resident doctor was staring at him. the other pups exclaimed before running over to their friend. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Skye: I'm Skye! And you never know you may find your special somepup one day!" Also that Skye told Rocky and Rubble that she likes Chase. Comment hidden. It said: You are the prettiest pup I've ever seen I love how you're nice and never mean, and if you meet me at six you'll see who I am out of the mix. The cockapoo asked. " Chase Marshall's cool and all but to be honest I've kind of always had a crush on you."

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