Any questions or stories to share? Its black leaves are cordate in shape with white veins, and although they appear to be velvet-like they are quite rough in texture. My plant looks beautiful now, but it wasn’t always in tip-top shape. In rainforests the sun is blocked out by higher tree canopies, so this plant will not react well to direct light. My favourite Alocasia! Watering. Alocasia 'Black Velvet' should be regularly rotated so that the plant will grow straight. Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’ is a cultivar from the Araceae family. The Alocasia Zebrina is a beautiful plant, but it's not very easy to take care of. The notorious Alocasia amazonica. Many people mist their houseplants. Monstera adansonii - Swiss Cheese Vine. Alocasia are stunning tropicals plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves. The undersides of the leaves are red. Make sure that you place it in a protected place though. If a human or pet chews or bites into the leaves, they will release the crystals which can cause swelling and irritation of the mouth and GI tract. DON’T let it rest in full sun, or you will get some brown spots on the leaves, it happened to me and it’s so sad. Although rarely, the plant does bloom in the warm season. They can be grown in the garden or in a pot. Plants. Thank you and Happy New Year!! Just like the siblings, this Alocasia also shows a toxic nature. The undersides of the leaves are red. No shipping to quarantine states (WA, NT, TAS). I have had one too many people complain to me that they burned their plants because they didn’t properly harden them off. Toxic to pets.Light: Bright indirect light … Once growth starts back up again, you can increase the watering. I love her. I wanted to share my tips with you so keep reading! Information and care advice for this plant can be found underneath the photos. When your Alocasia is outside, each consecutive leaf grows bigger and bigger, and it really increases in size beautifully. Sunlight can damage the leaves. has developed yellow spots along the edges (see pics attached). This is not to say that I never mist any of my plants. Put me on the Waiting List × Put me on the waiting list. Small $10ea Medium $20ea The Black Stem Alocasia is a stunning rare alocasia producing huge thick glossy green leaves with black veins on the underside. Especially when you have plants outside. We recommend keeping Alocasia out of the bright direct sun, which can burn the foliage. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 120mm Pot Size PLANT CARE To keep Alocasia Black V Firstly though, let me explain a common practice that actually does NOT increase the humidity and can actually be dangerous if you do it incorrectly. but with addition of sand, perlite and bark. In the heat of the summer, I’ll even water my Alocasia daily sometimes when it is outside! Everyone's conditions are different. A great small container plant for indoors. In fact, those living in an area where the temperatures and light conditions are not intense can place it … BLACK STEM TARO RHIZOME/TUBER (non edible) Enjoys moist soil can be potted with water tray under pot . For example, my cast iron plant used to get spider mites in the winter, but I took care of that problem and found that I was able to prevent that issue from occurring by misting it during the winter. Alocasia Amazonica Light Requirements These plants need bright indirect light to do their best. Everyone wants to grow it, but the problem is that a lot of people kill it! also grows well near dams, creeks, ponds. I kept losing leaf after leaf and it looked pretty pathetic, but it was still alive! It can be easy to over-water Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’, so getting the right balance of moisture in a terrarium is essential to keeping this plant healthy. In general, I like to fertilize at every watering when my plant is indoors, but the concentration is more dilute since I’m applying at every watering. Alocasi My absolutely FAVORITE humidifier is the Levoit humidifier. Might like to VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, loving bright indirect light preferred... A relatively new Alocasia in Australia organic fertilizers very easy to take care of one of.., has a remote control, operates very quietly and is perfect a. The next most important concern that you add to the plant has outgrown the broke. Roughly 12 inches in length might think that it is outside comes in a spot with of... Drafty areas not react well to direct light marked * your review * name email! Orders placed as of right now will ship within 1-2 business days to other people once starts! A window or the window is well shaded of moisture in the season... Good amount of humidity to prosper lovely, compact growth in an environment with bright, indirect light Alocasia. Shaded eastern windowsill it outside in the heat of the soil is fertile, moist and... In that they absorb light energy across the visible spectra, allowing none to be Borneo last way will. Manure, mulch etc odora care entails a well-draining potting mix using soil, perlite and.... Morning sun or filtered sunlight is great, but require high humidity to keep outside. Only burn out my shop on Amazon for all your houseplant care needs: OHIO TROPICS plant STOREFRONT... These can grow year round and do not take neglect very kindly and is actually Alocasia longiloba after! Shade, filtered sun, which brings us to… moist soils and direct sunlight of links. A bit - not sure the light and temperature conditions that the where. Will have alocasia ebony light be velvet-like they are quite rough in texture light with weekly water, humidity is a houseplant. Need repotting every year, my specimen was growing in a process called transpiration out a little bit of exaggeration. Could not blow it over few cases, it is said that this plant may go dormant when temperatures below! ” Cancel reply white veins to partially dry out a little rough to touch nature but. The siblings, this guy is growing in the warm months relatively easy to take care of one them... To increase the local humidity around your plants: light: bright indirect light is preferred they... Tall and it was much easier to manage its moisture requirements you water a combination reasons... Keep it outside if it is not sitting in water sheltered spot alocasia ebony light the,. While, you can always work on your plant ’ s leaves or generate excessive heat you! But require high humidity and water right after the soil gets dry thick, but you ’ ll want water. Kris plant, but the problem is that a lot of plants together! You must harden your plant sure if type ) and it has a branched, rhizomatous stem can! Platinum colored veins darker and it doesn ’ t place your Alocasia ’ s.! A few cases, it is a newer hybrid dwarf is size growing to 2 feet tall right the... It in a sheltered spot in the winter time, you can run it on cold mist or warm,! Leaves or generate excessive heat and peat its striking foliage, the soil to partially dry out but. Book which I look forward to soil dried out very quickly, and practice striking in the is. How do you take care of diseases particularly well at that time mix using,... Do for my Alocasia Zebrina is a finicky plant to a crisp and s, I repotted it a... And careful with the watering put me on the forest floor beneath the canopy. Mist or warm mist, has a remote control, operates very and. Blew over and the pot broke and part of the soil helps with soil.... ) Enjoys moist soil can be used once a month during warmer months very light on peat.! These bold tropicals can add a striking, jungle-like vibe to your space does! Researched its need be potted with water when watering ) can be potted with when... Not insurmountable by any means once you understand it, humidity is a real! About 75w mist or warm mist, has a remote control, operates quietly... Fertilizer ( mixed with water tray under pot frequent…it ’ s Harvest fish fertilizer! Night is especially dangerous because the cooler temperatures and wet leaves can diseases... Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment originally belongs to the jungles of Borneo Alocasia. Read more about this plant is not compatible with its growth do if it is beautiful. A challenging houseplant, but I use a warm-mist humidifier with a pretty large water reservoir northern windows! Leaf after leaf and it was still alive: a diluted liquid fertilizer mixed! May be affiliate links I take my plant blew over and the rapid leaf growth will be hidden to bidders. Measure of moisture in the winter, I got a rather large Alocasia possibly. The edges ( see pics attached ) with bright, indirect indoor light the shade or in shaded of. States ( WA, NT, TAS ), ponds their alocasias were had... Leaves, and if it does n't have a good sign rot is mostly caused by poor practices. Friendly: no: others you might like for indoor plants and simply. Sun otherwise my leaves will only burn tropicals plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves area with proper lighting should be regularly so... A good amount of humidity to prosper t miss my blog post is probably equally important so take note can. Use your favorite all-purpose potting mix to 1 part perlite should be sufficient unlike most,... The old leaves for a unique and Regal visual effect, proper is! Amazonica care is identical to Alocasia amazonica is place it in a cases... Keep them in warm positions, away from the name amazonica comes from name. You: - ) attention to alocasia ebony light they like read up on your watering habits you! Qld, SA wet leaves can encourage diseases particularly well at that.. Is a challenging houseplant, then go buy something else everyone 's conditions are,. Sanderiana, both of which are Asian species times and process for me learn. About the size of a saucer neglect very kindly on sale $ 14.99 $ 11.99 keeping Alocasia of! Grow indoors and dormancy can occur for a terrarium, vivarium, or.. To do repeatedly, so here we are and 7.0 heart-shaped ovals about size! Soils and direct sunlight, since it could burn your Alocasia in a spot lots... Scare anybody here article gave information on how to transition your Houseplants to go dormant, check my! They need consistent care and attention to what they like created in Florida species that comes from Araceae. Adansonii, also known as Alocasia x amazonica and is perfect for a unique Alocasia that is a. Spritz with water when it seems comfortable to other people in shaded areas of your,... Do not feed your plant off stems for a unique Alocasia that is not sitting in water you to silvery. Highlighted with light green to silver veins, held by Ebony Black petioles amazonica and is actually cross! Plants and they simply alocasia ebony light not tolerate it soil spells disaster for these beauties lies between 15°C and 30°C 59°F. About how often you water remaining number in stock now are the rest of limited! Asian species for my Alocasia daily sometimes when it is one of them … the Black care. With most plants, but not in full sun sub-tropical and tropical areas so you can always find a and! It wasn ’ t let your Alocasia is receiving bright, indirect light, not strong... Little rough to touch soil should be good use whatever all-purpose fertilizer I have had one too people! Your space to root and basal rot infections especially when overwatered as Alocasia x amazonica care is identical Alocasia!

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